Acupressure and Birth Talk at First Light Community Midwives in Belfast

Fang Cai, Licensed Japanese-style Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, is scheduled to give a free talk to the public on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 from 5-6:30 PM at the First Light Midwifery Office at 137 High St in downtown Belfast.

Cai will discuss how acupressure, an accessible, do-it-yourself form of Chinese medicine, can be used to increase the health and vitality of women during labor and birth.

“Learning acupressure points and techniques can help to improve your birth experience,” says Cai. “Acupressure during labor and birth is a way to relieve labor discomfort, ease pain, manage contractions, & calm anxiety.” Acupressure can be done on oneself, but is most effective if done by someone else. The talk will be aimed at informing pregnant women and their birth partners, as well as doulas, nurses, midwives, and other birth attendants.

Click for Facebook Event Page

First Light Midwifery Facebook Page

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