Homebirth: What if Something Goes Wrong?

On this post from the Babble, women share their stories centered on the question:

“What if something goes wrong at a homebirth?”

Hint:  nothing unmanageable, no bad outcomes.  Click here to read.

One thought on “Homebirth: What if Something Goes Wrong?

  1. Thank you for these stories….I think! In the early 90’s, my wife and I had two children. We were then living in a rural part of Maine over 35 minutes (on a good day) from the nearest hospital. And, although we both desired a “natural,” low-intervention childbirth, we just couldn’t overcome the insidious fear our medicalized culture instills in people; the belief that birth in the home is somehow an implicitly “dangerous” thing, requiring the potential parents to take unnecessary risks that could have dire consequences. The distance from medical help ultimately proved to be too uncomfortable for us to deal with and we chose the “birthing room” at the local hospital as an alternative. It was the proverbial sow’s ear: a surgical room made “homey” with a couple of puppy pictures on the wall and a rocking chair stuck in the corner between the stainless steel IV racks and electronic gadgets that incessantly blinked and beeped. It was neither homey, nor home.

    Both of my children were textbook births, born healthy and without “complication” whatsoever. Both could have been born at home and our family could have enjoyed all the benefits that accrue from that–not least of which was cost (we paid over $3,500 each for that medical “safety net.”) Knowing what I know now, and thanks to great blogs and websites like this, I now see we should have researched a little more, and had more faith in both our instincts, and the ability of a woman to bring life into this world. After all, it’s worked pretty well now for a few million years.

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