USA Today: Homebirths up by 20% in the United States–“Subculture” credited as Influence

This is great news!  And nice coverage in a major media outlet!

The CDC released a study saying that between 2004-2008, homebirth had increased overall in the US by 20%.  In states like Vermont, Montana and Oregon about 1 in 50 births is a planned homebirth.

And this is only through 2008–I’m thinking the data is gonna come back with even more increases over the past 3 years.

I wonder how Maine’s stats contributed to these findings?  I wonder what Maine’s stats are right now?

Homebirth is noted as having a less frequent incidence of pre-term births than hosptials and safer outcomes for pre-term babies.  Hmmm…do you think that the midwifery model of care practice of waiting for births to happen naturally and not performing major, often unnecessary and unsafe interventions like the medical model might have something to do with this?

The CDC attributes the “subculture of white women” to increasing the number of homebirths.  I think this is probably true.  It would be excellent if all women had access to this choice.

A rising tide rises all boats.

Is “At Home in Maine” part of that subculture?  Methinks, yes!

To read the complete article, click here.

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