homebirth in the bangor daily news (again)

Click here to read a great article about a machias woman’s choice to have a homebirth–and to be a single parent.

kudos to the bangor daily news for covering both!  the underlying issue of support for women’s choices in each of these areas are completely interrelated.

it is so wonderful that homebirth is getting so much positive press these days.  women are learning about their choices, getting educated and empowered to have the kind of birth they want for themselves and their babies–and to parent in the way they choose.  as more women do this, they will be less subject to the obvious posturing of some medical groups who do not support homebirth–and therefore do not support women’s choices.

as more women exercise their rights around birth and receive more support for their choices, it is my hope that outcomes for mama, baby and families will improve.

congrats anna!  welcome eamon!

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