The Countdown Begins!

Only 5 days left to meet the funding goal with the At Home in Maine Kickstarter campaign!  There has been a strong influx of support over the past 2 days and I’m feeling jazzed!  In fact, they’ve been the most abundant 2 days in the entire run!  Thanks so much to all who have supported this project!

Can the goal of $8,000 and change be met in the next 5 days?  I’m feeling like it’s possible!

If you have been considering pledging to this campaign won’t you please do so today?  And please please spread the word to anyone and everyone you think might have an interest in supporting this project–it’s about homebirth, it’s about midwives…about choices in childbirth, about access to information about those choices.  It’s about women and their families…and normal, natural birth!

Let’s harness the power of our networks on the Internet and bring this baby home (to use a phrase)!

Let let countdown begin!  5, 4, 3, 2….




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