“At Home in Maine” Opens “Celebrate Midwives and Birth” Film Festival at Frontier Cafe in Brunswick, Saturday, November 19th!

Brunkswick, Maine.  “At Home in Northeast Harbor, Maine” and “At Home in Maine, Part III” will kick-off the film festival “Celebrate Midwives and Birth” at the Frontier Cafe’ in Brunswick, Maine, Saturday, November 19th.  The screenings begin bright and early at 9:15a.m.  And you can get that morning cup o’ joe and a breakfast treat right there at the Frontier Cafe’!

The film festival is co-sponsored by an impressive list of Maine-based birth/midwifery organizations including Birthwise Midwifery School in Bridgton (one of 10 accredited direct-entry midwifery programs in the US) BirthRoots in Portland, Red Tent Midwifery, Open Circle Midwifery in Portland and Northern Sun Family Healthcare and Birth Center in Topsham.  Normal birth and midwifery care are alive and well in Maine!!

The list of other films being shown includes the popular “The Business of Being Born,” “Home Delivery,” and Christie Turlington Burns’s new film about the maternal mortality crisis, “No Woman, No Cry.”  There will also be a “Moms and Midwives” panel discussion about normal birth, choices in childbirth and midwifery care.

For more info, visit the “Celebrate Midwives and Birth” blog or go to the Facebook event page!

Major pat on the back to Tiffany Carter, a midwifery student at Birthwise who has organized this exciting event!  Good work Tiffany!!

Hope to see you there!

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