at home in morrill

to watch this film ($2/2 days) or purchase a digital download ($10) click the buttons below:

runs 45 minutes

at home in morrill, maine presents the homebirth story of gretchen and danny, a couple living in a small rural community near belfast, maine.

both gretchen and danny have careers in “sustainability.”  gretchen is a health coach and clinical herbalist with alive and awake healing arts.  danny is a solar energy specialist/contractor and co-proprietor (along with his dad, chuck) of sundog solar store in searsport, maine.  gretchen connects her choice to have a homebirth with her family heritage and her upbringing, emphasizing deep and abiding connections to nature and the outdoors.

this birth story highlights the love and connection between the expectant couple–how pregnancy and birth can be sensual and sexual–and also an intensely private experience.

gretchen and danny were assisted by certified professional midwife chris yentes of first light community midwives and gina forbes, student midwife, doula and childbirth educator.  gretchen’s mother, “mo” and her sister, holly were also key sources of support for this birthing mother.

this story extends beyond the homebirth to the couple’s wedding ceremony (deemed “love fest”) showing the circle of love and support that surround gretchen and danny as they make their transition into their new life as parents of yukon.

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