at home in auburn

Features one Maine couple’s birth experience and reflections on their choice to have a homebirth.

3 thoughts on “at home in auburn

    1. hi gloria:

      thanks for your interest in “at home in maine!’ indeed, this was a lovely (and very fast) birth. i invite you to view the other films in the “at home in maine” series, which feature 10 authentic, artistic, intimate portraits of homebirth and midwifery care. they are accessible via rental, purchase as a download or as a subscription.

      as an educator, perhaps you’d be interested in a subscription? it is a new offering geared towards birth professionals and schools–as a resource to their clients/students. viewers can access films online, 24/7, as opposed to signing out (and waiting for…and replacing) dvds one at a time. go to “Subscribe to the Film Series” for more info.

      i’m looking to expand this solution to include films by other producers. kind of like a birthy netflix. any interest in including your films?

      i would be happy to connect with you and discuss the possibilities!

      thank you for all the incredible work you do, gloria.

      look forward to hearing back from you!


      nicolle littrell woman in the moon films

      p.s. i was in canada this past fall at the joint mana/can conference in production on mana’s new public education campaign, “i am a midwife.” in the spring, we’ll be launching a series of theme-based film shorts on an array of subjects, with “everyday” midwives speaking in their own words, about the work they do in their communities. the goal is to promote midwifery to a wider audience, help educate about the midwifery model of care–and increase access to services. it’s also meant to help educate and raise awareness about midwifery as a viable profession to aspirants. maybe you’d be interested in sharing this new campaign with your students?

  1. I love the nitty gritty footage you shared here. “I just need it to stop, I can’t do it, Help!!” I loved it! It was awesome!!! It’s hard to find videos where women vocalize (and sound like I did in labor). So many women think they are whimpy after a normal homebirth because all they have seen are peaceful orgasmic labors where women just moan and smile. Thanks again for sharing this.

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