at home in maine, part 1

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This film presents an introduction to Maine’s contemporary homebirth and midwifery culture, making visible some of the people, practices, philosophies and politics that constitute the culture.

Politics is an important emphasis in this piece; in 2007, a group of Maine’s Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) pursued a bill for title licensure.  CPMs are the professionals trained in out-of-hospital births; in Maine,  CPMs are the midwives that mainly attend homebirths.

The film documents the early stages of the legislative process of the licensure bill where two important questions emerge:
* Should Maine’s homebirth midwives be licensed?
* Is the practice of homebirth midwifery a public safety issue?

Intercut with stunning footage of a homebirth, “part 1” aims to present both a vivid modern portrait of the state’s homebirth and midwifery culture and to address important present-day issues this culture is facing.

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