at home in maine, part 3

To watch “At Home in Maine, Part 3” ($2/2 days) or purchase as a digital download ($10) click the buttons below.

runs 45 minutes.

This film is the third in a series of films focusing on political activity in Maine’s homebirth community, in particular, movement around licensing Maine’s Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs).

The film looks at post-enactment activity and views around CH.669, a law passed in 2008 that legalized Maine’s Certified Professional Midwives use of a short list of medications at homebirths (such as the anti-hemorrhagic Pitocin and Vitamin K ointment).

Through recounting this event, diverse views around homebirth, licensure of midwives and CH.669 are presented.  Midwives, legislators, medical professionals and homebirth consumers comment on and critique this unprecendented legislation.

The narrative is centered around the homebirth story of Valerie and Todd, an Orland couple’s who choose to stay at home for the birth of their second child, attended by Andrea Mietciewicz and Evelyn Conrad of Clear Light Holistic Midwives.  Though Valerie had a normal and healthy labor and delivery, she bled heavily after this birth, as she did with the birth of her first child (in a hospital) and with her third child and next homebirth (see “At Home in Orland #2”).  In both homebirths, Valerie transported to the hospital for additional follow-up and care.

“At Home in Maine, Part 3” highlights the professionalism and training of CPMs–and underscores the importance of their access to anti-hemorrhagics and others medications to provide optimum care to the women they serve.

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