2 thoughts on “midwifery education

  1. Hello!

    How wonderful that you’re planning a film on midwifery education! I’d love to hear more, as I am founding a midwifery school in Iowa! 🙂

    I’ll be at the MANA conference. Perhaps we can get together! Until then, keep up the amazing work. Your films are a keen force directing the flow of society, poignant, and beautiful.

    Leilani Hall

    1. Hi Leilani:

      Thanks for your post–and for your interest in At Home in Maine!

      Yes, I am very much hoping to do a film about midwifery education in Maine. Maine is home to Birthwise, one of 10 or so direct-entry schools in the US. I will primarily be focusing on Maine but will refer and contextualize with what’s happening on the national scene, including NARM and MEAC.

      How great that you’re opening a midwifery school! We need more midwives! Best wishes to you on this endeavor.

      I will be at the MANA conference this year–and filming–working with MANA on their new public education campaign, “I am a Midwife.” Maybe you’ve already heard about this? I’ll be filming interviews with different midwives throughout the conference and then creating short video portraits that will be distributed and promoted through social media. Perhaps you’d like to get involved? It’s a great way to spread the word about midwifery–and to promote your own practice! See http://mana.org/IAmAMidwife.html for more details.

      In November, I’ll also be launching a subscription platform with At Home in Maine for birth professionals. Think of it as a virtual lending library! Midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and midwifery schools will be able to post a link on their websites and share the films with their clients and/or student midwives. I’m hoping there will also be a download option where subscribers can had a digital download of the films, too, if they’d like. I hope to be spreading the word at the conference. Would you have any interest in this for your own practice–or for the school?

      I hope to meet you, one way or another, soon! If you see a woman running around with a camera…please do stop me and introduce yourself! Or stop by the interviews…there will be info about when/where it’s happening at the conference.

      Thanks again for your interest and support of At Home in Maine!


      Nicolle Littrell Woman in the Moon Films

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