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Midwives and Women
The best resource in Maine to learn about homebirth are the homebirth midwives who serve women and their families and also, women who have chosen homebirths.  One way to connect is on this site, which provides a community space to connect with others interested in homebirth and to exchange information and ideas.

Many of Maine’s homebirth midwives offer workshops, presentations and/or childbirth education classes pertaining to natural birth and homebirth throughout the year.  See News for upcoming events in Maine’s homebirth community.

Click here for a listing of Maine’s homebirth midwives or visit the Midwives of Maine website (MOM).

The Maine Association of Certified Professional Midwives (MACPM) is also an excellent resource for education and information about homebirth in Maine.

Both of these organizations have a presence at the Common Ground Fair, which happens September 24, 25 and 26 of this year in Unity, Maine.  Each year, Maine’s homebirth midwives offer presentations and workshops about homebirth.  See the Common Ground Fair website for a complete program listing.

Homebirth supplies
In Maine, if you are having a homebirth, your midwife will provide you with a “birth kit” listing–an inventory of the supplies you will need for your homebirth.  If you are interested in having a waterbirth, you can order this item from your midwife.  You can also order supplies for your homebirth through a Maine-based company, Everything Birth.

Other sources of support and information around choices in childbirth are Maine’s doulas.  Visit the Maine Association of Independent Doulas (MAID) for information about services, a listing of Maine doulas and special events and programs.

If you are in the Portland-area, Birth Roots offers education, support and special-programs pertaining to natural birth (including but not limited to homebirth) and parenting.

Do you know of other resources in Maine around homebirth?  Please list in the “Reply” field below or send an e-mail sharing your Maine-based resource(s)–or post an event in on the News page.

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