Sarah, Krystel and Josie

Northern Sun Family Health Care
Sarah Ackerly ND, CPM, Josie Skavdahl ND, CPM
53 Main St., Topsham 04086

Deidre Sulka-Meister and Robin Illian

Open Circle Midwifery Services
Robin Illian CPM and Deidre Sulka-Meister CPM
103 State Street
Portland, ME 04103
Sacopee Valley Birthing Services
Lindsay Bushnell CPM, Maureen Smith, CPM, NHCM
and Brenda Surabian CPM

Birthwise Midwifery
Heidi Fillmore-Patrick, CPM, NHCM
24 S. High St., Bridgeton 04009

2 thoughts on “south

  1. my wife and i are looking into having a home birth for our baby that is due in may of 2012. we are very much intersted in meeting with someone who has alot of knowledge and experience upon this matter. We live in lewiston maine.

    1. Hi Eric:

      Thanks for being in touch–and for your interest in “at home in maine!”

      Congrats on your baby! That is great that you and your wife are thinking of having a homebirth. My own homebirth was an incredibly sacred, empowering and transforming experience–it’s why i’m now making films about homebirth and midwifery care.

      I would recommend meeting with some homebirth midwives to get more info. There are several certified professional midwives (CPMs) near lewiston. There is dr. sarah ackerly, who is both a midwife and a naturopath.

      There are several midwifery practices in the portland area: open circle midwifery: and red tent midwifery:

      And sacopee valley midwifery:

      It would also be good for you to speak with other couples that have had homebirths. Midwives can connect you with such families. You can also post on my At Home in Maine Facebook page to make some connections:

      There is a vibrant online community around homebirth, normal birth, natural birth. Tons of blogs, etc. You can also connect with the homebirth community of one of’s forums.

      If you and your wife would like to speak with me, I’d be happy to share my own experience and the info I have gleaned from filming a number of homebirths and being plugged into the community.

      Are you interested in having your birth filmed, as well? If so, I’d be happy to speak with you about that, too!

      Good for you and your wife for exploring your choices in childbirth!

      Let me know if I can help more…

      Nicolle Littrell

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