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Sexual Assault, Women’s Reproductive Health, Women’s Economic Security. Three serious issues in our culture. Three issues that are related. I’ve just launched an Indie-a-Go-Go campaign to raise $2,000 to complete a short documentary film that addresses these issues through a story of college students engaged in change-making in their community around these issues.

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Nicolle Littrell
Woman in the Moon Films

Pinkout: Belfast, Maine!

This short video is the latest release from Woman in the Moon Films.  It presents excerpts/interviews from the rally that happened in Belfast, ME on Sept. 29, part of a national campaign occurring that day to Stand with Planned Parenthood, in response to recent egregious attacks on Planned Parenthood leveled by the Republican Party, including slanderous videos, defunding of PP in multiple states, witch trial-like federal hearings and raids in Texas PP clinics.  Not to mention aggressive legislation in several states limiting access to women’s choice to abortion.  Keep standing with Planned Parenthood!

This is What a WGS Student Looks Like Video Campaign Launches Today!

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program is launching their new video campaign, “This is what a WGS student from U Maine looks like” TODAY at the University of Maine!  Please join us from 12:15-1:30pm in the Bangor Room in the Memorial Union at the Orono campus.  Several campaign videos will be screened with a discussion to follow.  Students will be reading original works of poetry and there will be cake!

See this article in the Bangor Daily News about the WGS program at U Maine, the launch event and myths associated with the discipline of WGS

The video campaign is produced by Nicolle Littrell from Woman in the Moon Films.  Nicolle is also an instructor in the WGS program.

Hope to see you there!  Please share/spread the word!

New Videos from I am a Midwife!

The 1st of 3 new videos from “I am a Midwife” was released today, “Why is Midwifery Care Valuable: for Women, Families and Communities?”

The series is for women, their families, as well as medical personnel and policy-makers who are interested in learning more about the benefits of midwifery care–in all settings.

The next two videos will be released over the next few weeks.

From the Midwives Alliance of North America

Co-produced by Woman in the Moon Films

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Everyone Deserves a Midwife! Give to the Birth Trust today!

another recent release! produced for the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery by Woman in the Moon Films.

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President’s Address MANA 2013 with Jill Breen

Midwives Alliance of North America President Jill Breen’s address for the 2013 MANA conference “Birthing Social Change” in Portland, Oregon, October 24-27

Filmed, edited and produced by Nicolle Littrell of Woman in the Moon Films

New Web-Based Series about Shared Decision Making!

a new web-based series centered on the value and practice of shared decision making as it pertains to the Midwifery Model of Care. with Brynne Potter, CPM and co-founder of Private Practice.

from the North American Registry of Midwives. produced by Woman in the Moon Films.

the series is in the “testing” phase. go here to view the module and participate in the test!

be sure to watch all the segments and click on the supplied link at the end to fill out the form and finalize the test!

I am a Midwife Because…Part II

I am a Midwife Because…Part II is the follow-up to the video of the same name released last week, featuring 7 different midwives! Learn how the experiences of being a research student, a Peace Corp volunteer, a New York City police officer, and a 7-year old child led seven American midwives into the profession of midwifery. The midwives featured in Part II represent a spectrum of educational backgrounds and provide services to women in their families in a variety of settings including clinics, homes, hospitals and birth centers. Here is a glimpse of their amazing and inspiring stories!

Part II marks the last I am a Midwife video we’ll release this season. More coming in September! Until then, please share this series with anyone you feel could benefit from learning more about midwives and the safe, supportive and satisfying care they provide.  Be sure to subscribe to I am a Midwife on Youtube!

From the Midwives Alliance of North America

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Co-produced with Nicolle Littrell of Woman in the Moon Films