Subscribe to the Film Series

You can now subscribe to “At Home in Maine!”

What does this mean?

With a subscription you can watch all the films in the “At Home in Maine” series on your computer anytime for a whole year–365 views per film.  Right now there are 6 available for viewing in the series.

The subscription price is $99, for individuals and birth professionals and $199 for schools–and will include up to 10-12 films.

*  Subscribers can enjoy “At Home in Maine” film series for a year!  Makes a great gift for expectant parents!
*  Birth professionals and schools can share “At Home in Maine” with their clients/students.

It’s simple.  Once you’ve signed up, you will be able to access the “At Home in Maine” film series with a user name/password.  It functions like a virtual lending library.  No dvds to replace or wait on!  Birth professionals and schools simply share the link to the series, user name and password with their clients/students.

The “At Home in Maine” film series is an excellent tool to show what homebirth and midwifery care looks like–and the benefits of this choice.  

Not just for Mainers!  But for anyone who wants to see what normal, natural, woman-centered birth looks like.
Right now an annual subscription is available at the special introductory rate of $99 for individuals/birth professionals and $199 for midwifery schools, universities and colleges.  Or try it now for a week for $10.  Subscribers will need a Pay Pal account to access this service. 

The “At Home in Maine” film series is also available as a bundle for download.  Please contact Nicolle at for more info.

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