Really Interesting New Concept/Site: Birth Rites Collection

Bringing birth art to a whole new level of awareness, access and appreciation.  A fascinating new collection of contemporary birth art organized and curated by a group in the UK.  Sculpture, photography and film…a gorgeous mosaic expressing the beauty, truth and reverence of birth.  And women.

Click here to learn about this collection and view some of the pieces.

p.s.  Yes, I have asked that Birth Rites look at “At Home in Maine” and consider adding this series to the collection.

Love this Site!

Visualizing Birth

This lovely website showcases an array of empowering images of women giving birth–in a variety of mediums–and through the ages.

From ancient sculpture and mandalas, to modern paintings, photos and the moving image, this website is a beautiful reminder that women CAN birth their babies (we’ve been doing so forever) and that women and birth are something to be respected–even revered.