I am a Midwife

check out the sneak peek for I am a Midwife, the exciting new public education campaign I’m working on with the Midwives Alliance of North America!

coming in the spring, IAAM will present a series of short videos that will feature midwives practicing in different settings, serving a variety of communities and speaking about a range of topics.

IAAM aims to change the discourse about childbirth in the US–from fear to empowerment.

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The Interviewer Gets Interviewed: Bill Anderson of the Camden Post Speaks with Nicolle Littrell about Homebirth and Normal Birth

Check out this interview by video documentarian Bill Anderson where I speak about all things homebirthy.  Not being one to not have anything to say…grab a cup of tea and settle in ’cause it runs about 45 minutes!

new moon, two new films for at home in maine

july 1, 2011.  belfast, maine.  new moon and solar eclipse in cancer.  woman in the moon films proudly announces the release of two new films for the “at home in maine” series.  click each image to go the film page:

Love this Site!

Visualizing Birth

This lovely website showcases an array of empowering images of women giving birth–in a variety of mediums–and through the ages.

From ancient sculpture and mandalas, to modern paintings, photos and the moving image, this website is a beautiful reminder that women CAN birth their babies (we’ve been doing so forever) and that women and birth are something to be respected–even revered.