Homebirth in Maine Top Story on WGME Portland, Maine

Finally!  Some prime time morning news coverage on homebirth in Maine!  “Homebirths”, featured on CBS affiliate WGME in Portland, Maine and reported by host Diana Ichton (who is about to give birth herself any day now!) features midwife and naturopathic doctor Sarah Ackerly of Northern Sun Family Healthcare and Birth Center and Jessie and Ernie Boda, the couple who’s gorgeous homebirth I filmed early this past Monday!  The story was broadcast to an audience most likely not familiar with this choice; who will no doubt benefit from this information.

And did ya hear?  Homebirth in Maine is up 60% from last year (Maine State Vital Statistics).

Great news all around!




The Interviewer Gets Interviewed: Bill Anderson of the Camden Post Speaks with Nicolle Littrell about Homebirth and Normal Birth

Check out this interview by video documentarian Bill Anderson where I speak about all things homebirthy.  Not being one to not have anything to say…grab a cup of tea and settle in ’cause it runs about 45 minutes!