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another recent release! produced for the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery by Woman in the Moon Films.

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Sneak Peek #2 for “I am a Midwife” from the Midwives Alliance

Every Woman Deserves a Midwife!

It’s spring, the flowers are blooming and so is I am a Midwife, a new online video series all about midwives and what they do, from the Midwives Alliance of North America!

Check out the new sneak peek for this exciting new public education campaign, “Every Woman Deserves a Midwife!”

Nicolle Littrell of Woman in the Moon Films is co-producing the series with MANA.

The “official” launch for the series is Saturday, May 5, International Midwives Day!

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The Interviewer Gets Interviewed: Bill Anderson of the Camden Post Speaks with Nicolle Littrell about Homebirth and Normal Birth

Check out this interview by video documentarian Bill Anderson where I speak about all things homebirthy.  Not being one to not have anything to say…grab a cup of tea and settle in ’cause it runs about 45 minutes!


this past saturday, i witnessed another miracle:  i filmed the birth of a baby born at home to two loving parents, assisted by a team of midwives and friends.  two of his brothers met him moments after he emerged from his mother’s womb (the third, a toddler, slept on).  it was an intense and challenging labor, but with loving and professional support and care–and a lot of hard work–this mother brought her baby into the world outside the womb.

this summer i had the honor of stepping into this family’s world and filming other facets of their life.  our first endeavor:  a family excursion where we went on a whale watch.  other intimate and joyful events and moments were documented.  i did this entirely with out-of-pocket resources.  i hope to be able to transform this story into a film.  a film that will be a part of the “at home in maine” series.  a new film that will help educate women and their families about the choice to have a homebirth and receive midwifery care.

to do that, i need additional resources.  funds that will support the time and materials it takes to transform footage into a film.  i intend for this one to be the first of four more films that will be produced over this next year.

i’ve got two weeks to go with this kickstarter campaign–and a long way to reach my funding goal.  i will not receive any funds unless the entire funding goal is reached.  i need some angels here!  won’t you please be a part of my miracle and pledge to this project today?  miracles do happen.  i filmed one early saturday morning…

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Please Support At Home in Maine on Kickstarter Today!

I’m entering Week 4 of this campaign and have a long way to go to meet my September 15 fund-raising goal!  I remain hopeful!

If you have been thinking of supporting this project and can swing it NOW is the time to go for it!  Whether it’s $5, $25, $250 (or more if you’re feeling generous) it all counts towards reaching this goal!

And if you know someone that would be interested in supporting this project, please PLEASE spread the word in your own circles!

Meeting this funding goal is critical to sustaining work on this project!  “At Home in Maine” is a part of a vibrant online movement to educate women and their families about their choices in childbirth!  Every woman deserves that information!

Click here to go to At Home in Maine on Kickstarter!  Many thanks to all who have supported this project so far! 

Another way to support this project is to rent/buy films in the At Home in Maine series.  Four films are available through Video on Demand (with more to come) via this website:  At Home in Waldo, Maine, At Home in Winthrop, At Home in Orland #2 and At Home in Morrill.

Looking forward to filming more births and creating more films for this series!







Feminist Breeder’s Live Homebirth Blog Event

You must check this out.  “The Feminist Breeder”, aka Gina Crosley-Corcoran gave birth at home today to her daughter in the water.  Sounds pretty normal to those of us in the homebirth community, right?  Except that it happened over the Internet.  With thousands of people watching–and interacting.

Click here to see the “story” of this event as it was documented in pictures, videos (which only worked on my Safari browser), hundreds of play-by-play comments and posts from actual and virtual “attendees” at the birth.

We really are in the digital age aren’t we?  It’s kind of kooky but also intensely inspiring to me.  I guess if you’re a popular blogger like Gina, having an audience of oh, say…a few thousand people at your birth is no biggie.

Congrats to Gina, her hubbie and little brothers on the safe, healthy, home/water and Online birth of Jolene Crosley-Corcoran.  Now I’ve seen it all (and so did everyone else!).

Homebirth: A Poemic

Check out Arielle Greenberg’s and Rachel Zucker’s new book about homebirth, “Home/Birth:  a Poemic

Arielle is a very talented poet, scholar, birth activist–and homebirth mama.  She’s had two homebirths in Maine–one when she “technically” lived in Illinois–which has limited choices for women who want homebirths.  She’s back in Illinois for the time being, but will be back in Maine soon “for good!”