Feminist Breeder’s Live Homebirth Blog Event

You must check this out.  “The Feminist Breeder”, aka Gina Crosley-Corcoran gave birth at home today to her daughter in the water.  Sounds pretty normal to those of us in the homebirth community, right?  Except that it happened over the Internet.  With thousands of people watching–and interacting.

Click here to see the “story” of this event as it was documented in pictures, videos (which only worked on my Safari browser), hundreds of play-by-play comments and posts from actual and virtual “attendees” at the birth.

We really are in the digital age aren’t we?  It’s kind of kooky but also intensely inspiring to me.  I guess if you’re a popular blogger like Gina, having an audience of oh, say…a few thousand people at your birth is no biggie.

Congrats to Gina, her hubbie and little brothers on the safe, healthy, home/water and Online birth of Jolene Crosley-Corcoran.  Now I’ve seen it all (and so did everyone else!).