Film Your Birth

from "At Home in Winthrop", photo courtesy of Kelly O' Neil

Would you like your birth filmed?  A birth film provides a precious keepsake of this important family event.  Nicolle will film births in all settings–whether it be at home, in the hospital or at a birth center.  As a professional filmmaker who is experienced in this realm, Nicolle will document your birth with care, sensitivity and respect.

Interested?  Contact Nicolle for more info about packages and rates:

2 thoughts on “Film Your Birth

    1. Hi Laura:

      I had thought I had replied to you several days ago–did you happen to get my e-mail?

      I currently don’t have “official” dvds of the films. But I can make you one. Please tell me which films you would like to have and I will give you a price for the bundle.

      Thank you so much for your interest in this project! Btw, how did you hear about it?

      Looking forward to staying in touch.


      Nicolle Littrell Woman in the Moon Films

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